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Hi there, and welcome to my blog! My name is Lydia Woodward. This blog is a dream of mine several years in the making. I hope that it will be as fun and inspiring for you as it was for me to make!

Here at Owl About DIY, I am always working on homemade projects. I love being creative and making things by hand, and I am always looking to make a DIY version of pretty much everything!

Whether it’s a delicious meal, a warm poncho, or a piece of poetry, it’s just SO much better homemade! You put your time and energy – your love – into it, and that makes it that much more special.

Here to Inspire You

Like myself, I’m sure you’re an avid DIYer. Or, maybe you just like to dabble with the occasional project to keep life interesting. Whichever the case, welcome!

Owl About DIY was created for people just like YOU. As I share my own experiences and projects, I strive to offer you inspiration for your own projects and goals!

Here you’ll find tips and tricks for avoiding common errors and mistakes. As well as reviews and suggestions that are sure to take some of the stress and guesswork out of DIY.

As I learn and grow, I will share that knowledge and experience with you. And, of course, there will LOTS of fun projects to make along the way. So please stick around and check them out!

My goal is to inspire YOUR creativity. After all, life is just so much more fun when you’re DIYing! So, LIVE LIFE CREATIVELY!! And Have Fun!

Until next time… Happy DIYing!!